2.2%+GST on Residential Sales

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At Rural and Lifestyle Sales, even though house prices have increased in recent years, our costs have not increased at the same rate.  So it didn’t make sense to us that there should be such a big increase in our income just because the market has improved.  Therefore, we have set a residential fee of 2.2%+GST. 

Compared with other companies, who will charge you as much as 4% on the first $400 – 500,000 and 2.5% on the balance, our fee structure meets our costs AND saves you money – meaning you get to enjoy more of the real benefits of selling with our team.

Commission Comparison

Based on the Feilding residential market

Sale price

Other companies*

Rural and Lifestyle Sales 2.2% + GST

You save









*calculated at 4% on the first $400,000 and 2.5% on the balance, plus GST

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